Line of business



Polyurethane is used in many parts of the vehicle such as the interior and exterior material, and sound absorbent. This material is used in all models - from compact cars to luxury cars, trucks, and buses.

Field of application

AnyFOAM software can be used in various fields such as the crash pad, dash ISO pad, bumper, steering wheel, seats, headliner to reduce costs and improve quality at the design level & production level.

Electronics/Home appliances

As electronics/home appliances are mainly made of heat sensitive components, it can be in most fields such as heat transfer, heat radiation, and polyurethane.

Field of application

Applies to various fields such as the headlight, LED/OLED/CPV, lighting, and refrigeration insulation using AnyFOAM andThermoSYS software. The optimized products can be implemented through accurate heat transfer/heat radiation analysis.

Living/Heavy industry

Polyurethane is frequently used in our living goods and heavy industries.

Field of application

AnyFOAM software come up with the optimal production designs such as seats, beds, insulation materials for buildings, medical supplies, filter gaskets, industrial insulation tank.